Music & Message on hold

Did you know that one of the best ways to advertise your business is to people who are already on the phone with you?  That's right!  You have a pretty captive audience when you put someone on hold or transfer them to someone's extension.  They may only be on hold for a minute, but that's usually enough time to let them know about specials you have or products and services that are new that they not know that you provide.  Music on hold is so easy and with the ability to customize messages it's a great way to develop new business.

desi software & templates for your phones

Did you know that you can print a new label template for your phone, no matter what business phone you have?  The software is free and the templates are available from us.  You simply type in the names and/or numbers you want to print for your phone and pop one of the Desi labels in your printer and your phone looks as organized and professional as it did when it was brand new.