Your phone system can help you save time and money.  Heins Communications installs phone and data systems, but the key service we provide is working with our customers to choose the right systems to help streamline their business.  Having the right phone and data system for your organization can make a marked difference in your company’s productivity.

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We are local.


Heins Communications in based in the Willamette Valley.  We care about our communities and our neighbors. 


Quick Response Times


We understand the value of your time.  Minimizing downtime when there are issues with phones, computers, data or internet is essential.  With Heins Communications as your partner, you will have a dedicated representative working on your account, allowing for fast response times. 


High Quality Products


We review and test a wide variety of equipment and only recommend the best and most reliable systems for our customers.  We stand behind our products.  If there are issues of any kind, rest assured that we will take care of it.





Heins Communications offers great value on systems and installation.  Let us give you a systems analysis and estimate and find out.  But, beyond the great value of our systems and installation, we offer an even more important value. SERVICE.  What is the value of having your phone and data systems working effectively and efficiently?



We Make it Simple


Call us.  We will visit your place or places of business and provide you with a a no obligation detailed estimate of what we can do for you to upgrade your telecomm systems so they are working as efficiently as you do.  How’s that for simple?